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    With the third sector coming under increasing scrutiny from both the public and a complicated range of stakeholders, rigorous management of finances is more important than ever.


    As a result, third sector organisations - of all sizes - are finding the management of these tasks labour-intensive and demanding; absorbing resources that could be better spent on their core mission.


    So I set up Welbeck to help alleviate this problem, and to provide cost-effective financial expertise for organisations as and when they needed it.


    I offer the experience and insight of an experienced Finance Director but on cost-effective terms tailored to clients' needs, allowing those they work with to retain their focus on what inspired them to join the third sector in the first place.



    My services are aimed at charities and social enterprises that are too big

    to be able to run their finances on the back of an envelope, but are too

    small to be able to justify a dedicated finance professional.


    I take on a range of projects, from one-off assignments through to performing

    an interim or part time FD role. These tend to be in three areas:




    I offer many types of consultancy services, all designed to be compatible

    with the existing ethos and working practices of the organisation I'm working with.


    For example, this might mean helping to provide clarity and accountability in the ongoing

    planning process and annual budgetary cycle, or assisting with the creation of

    straightforward administrative procedures to optimise internal working processes.




    I offer day-to-day support in three areas:


    Management accounting – regular reporting that gives clear information

    to support staff and Trustees to make informed decisions.


    Financial accounting – efficient production of annual accounts

    and financial reports to funders.


    Bookkeeping – ongoing recording of the day-to-day transactions.




    I have extensive experience in training staff across a range of areas.


    This might be in simple everyday accounting, ensuring the books are kept

    accurately and in compliance with legislative requirements.


    Alternatively it may be with Trustees and senior staff, providing guidance

    on what to look for in management accounts, and with strategic planning

    and budgeting for their organisation.


    Additionally, I can perform the independent examinations which are mandatory

    for all charities in a efficient and cost-effective fashion.




    Following qualification as a chartered accountant with KPMG, I spent 12 years in senior roles in national voluntary organisations; ranging from small specialised charities such as the British Tinnitus Association, through to the Institute of Cancer Research, a major UK academic research institute.


    In addition to finance, my responsibilities included strategic planning, risk management,

    HR, office management and data protection.


    After a family orientated career break, I spent time teaching at

    Southampton Solent University, and as finance manager for the

    Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Southampton.


    Welbeck was launched in 2014 and references are available on request.


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